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Family relations can often be challenging. Divorce is difficult enough. The stress, expense and animosity of a court process only make things harder. Couples can forgo a court process and achieve a consensual result by engaging in voluntary mediation, where asset division and support issues are resolved and parenting agreements are negotiated.

Brenda Christen Mediation is a family mediation practice in Toronto. In addition to helping clients through the legal fallout of a relationship breakdown, our mediators guide clients in existing relationships through the negotiation of marriage contracts, prenuptial agreements or cohabitation agreements.

Settling matters through a facilitator

Mediation is a voluntary process that all parties must come to in good faith. In a marriage breakdown, once mediation is agreed to, substantive issues can be settled before a divorce is granted, such as child custody and child support. The process is normally more expedient than going to court and gives spouses the ability to feel in control of the process.

Discussing finances, children and support issues is difficult at any stage of a relationship. However, such conversations are necessary. The law imposes rights and obligations on parents, married people and those in common-law relationships. A mediator can guide you to an effective resolution that meets the needs of everyone involved.

Family and divorce mediators in Ontario

The mediators at Brenda Christen Mediation are also experienced family law lawyers with the Toronto law firm of Wilson Christen L.L.P. Our founder, Brenda Christen, has been a family lawyer since 1987. She also acts as a dispute resolution officer for the Ontario Superior Court of Justice. Brenda Christen has lectured members of the legal profession on family law issues, taught at the Bar Admission Course and is a respected family lawyer.


bridge the gap.
To learn more about family mediation in Toronto and our services, call Brenda Christen Mediation at 416.360.5952 in Toronto or contact us online. Visit our About Us page for fee information.